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York University
EN 1006
Alison Halsall

EN 1100 B April 23, 2009 Marcel Duchamp, Nude Descending A Staircase Also refer to Bicycle Wheel and Fountain • Artwork is usually a response to the Victorian period o Challenges the Victorian idea of beauty o Beauty can be something profane - normally everyday objects o Art as for everybody o However the artists of their period were extremely exclusionary o Chipping away at (capital “A”) Art Ways of Seeing Differently  Two examples of visual modernism Literary modernism includes a cluster of different stylistic practices Features visual montage Realism  a new literary and artistic genre that flourished in the Victorian period that attempted to give the impression of recording faithfully an actual way of life, of providing a "slice of life" also focused on the plight of unmarried women was NOT a direct reproduction of reality it is an ideological system realist texts have the power to frame, to direct what we see, and to construct how we might see it Impressionists  shared with literary realism and photography and interest in capturing "reality" in art to record visual reality in terms of transient effects of light and colour forms lost their clear outlines and became demateri
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