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EN 1006
Alison Halsall

th April 16 th Movement towards the 20 Century  Focus on fragmented and isolating city  Exploration of the psychological complexities typical of the changing scientific and urban present  Anxieties about human nature once religion has been replaced by science  War has a state of mind and an actual experience Death and remembrance of death The Elegy  A formal lyric poem that laments death of a friend, loved one, or public figure, or reflects seriously on a solemn subject  Since Milton’s elegy “Lycidas,” the term has usually denoted a lament  Adjective “elegiac” refers to mournful mood of poems  The pastoral elegy: usually begins with expression of grief o Usually features funeral procession, a description of sympathetic mourning throughout nature, and musings about the unkindness of death o Ex. John Milton’s “Lycidas” (1637)  The English “graveyard school” of poets: wrote reflections on death and immortality o Express sorrow and pain of bereavement, evoke the horror of death’s physical manifestations, and suggest the impermanent nature of human life. o Ex. Thomas Gray’s “An Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard” (published in 1751) Thomas Gray’s “An Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard” (1751)  Quatrains in iambic pentameter; rhyme scheme (abab)  Pays tribute to generations of humble villagers buried in church cemetery  Glorified simple ways of life in contrast to ways of the rich who want fortune and fame  All are linked by death = common fate  N
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