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York University
EN 1006
Alison Halsall

How to start an essay: -Brainstorm – make general statements -General Research -Narrow down the topic -Suggest your topic to a friend, see if they can understand it and make sense of it -Make notes on information -questions -write out bibliographic information early on because soon enough you may lose the book or can save time -Note taking - what to look for: Write bibliography, Ideas, re – reading, quotes, general ideas, questions, and another bibliography of a new source -print off notes -colour co-ordinate notes -prevents plagiarism -thesis statement always changes -THE PLAN (outline) at the top of your plan: Intro: should be able to summarize some general statements which introduce the reader into the essay. Move onto specific statements. Than have a working thesis. Move into development. Topic #1: write down a few general statements (Desdemona) Topic #2: few general statements Topic #3 (if you have one0 few general statements And than conclusion. Restate thesis in different words and come up with a general statements to wrap it up. Frost at Midnight – Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Norton pg 1650) HOW IS IT ROMANTIC? -nature is configured at different times of the year -a child (babe in cradle) -nostalgic in a way for his own childhood, be
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