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EN 1006
Alison Halsall

th February 12 2009 More on Romanticism – Nature and the Apocalypse  Review  Tourism in Romantic Poetry: Wordsworth as a “worshipper of Nature”  The Romantic Apocalypse  1780-1848 - Used to see the wonder of children - Blessing of Nature, which offers an absolution Recap: Characteristics of Romantic Poetry  Nostalgia for childhood - Child idealized vs. Corrupt adulthood  Rural life vs. urban civilization  New approach to form  Poetry registers harsh extremes of emotion  Uses language of the “common folk” William Blake (1757-1827)  1788, experimented with “illuminated printing” (similar to illuminated manuscripts of Middle Ages)  Books were hand-pressed, hand- coloured, hand- stitched = labour – intensive  Poems communicate on a literal and visual level th - His language is different form poets in the 18 century - Little conformity among the romantic poets Tourism in Romantic Poetry Lines (Notron pg. 1491) – Tintern Abbey - about memory, about recollection, idealization, natural visionary beauty, that it is alive in some way William Wordswoth (1770-1850)  From Lake District in England  First edition of Lyrical Ballads (1798) produced with Samuel Taylor Coleridge  Poems in Lyrical Ballads groundbreaking: - Broke away from Classical verse - Emphasis on people, events, speech of common life  Tintern Abbey: nature:, time, mortality, memory, imagination, society, city, humanity, God - Poem celebrates growth and is aware of death, both optimistic and not
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