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Introduction to Rhetoric EN 1007 – Fall 2009 – Carol Poster Lecture 8 – Nov 16 ­ Renaissance humanism o Beginning of literacy o Middle ages; much of lit professions in Europe were restricted to Catholic Church. o West fell apart into invaders of different places. o If you weren’t part of the church you didn’t exist. o Cathedral schools were popular. o Monasteries not only had schools but were centers of learning and teaching. o Up until 1800 over 70% of Oxford went into priest hood – church taking over. o Bearcat tended to be priests. ­ Controversies over Cicero. ­ Latin as ‘artificial’ international language. o Middle ages and 17 /18 century. o By 15/1600 something happens which effects how writing is seen – rise of nationalism. o National governments begin to take rise. o Thrown and altered. o The pope – actually was the person who crowned the emperor. o Rise of the nations – the nations want their own traditions and own language, they slowly develop their own beurocratcy and cultural nationalism. ­ Rise of middle classes. ­ Rise of vernacular literacy. ­ Style as amplification, persuasion and ornament. o Grammatical parallelism the content is parallel when it isn’t. o Direct address. o An overall way of style  Plain • Simple, direct, unornamented. • Practical situations • Trying to convey info without confusion. • Writing to friends/ESL people/ manuals.  Middle • Lysias – famous as the great example of the middle style.
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