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Professional Writing: Process and Practice EN 1700 – Fall/Winter 2009/2010 – Jan Rehner Lecture 8 – Brave New World – Nov 09 Stupid Realism & Revolutionary Realism Prometheus & The Mythos of Scientism - Prometheus was a minor god. - Prometheus was subject to the rule of Jupiter. - Created life from clay, from the seeds of heaven. - Prometheus asked Jupiter to give man the gift of fire. - Jupiter refused. - Prometheus rebelled – stole fire from sun and gave it to mankind. - Fire can be seen as spark of life/knowledge. - With fire, man had power – rise himself over animals/stop shivering/create tools. - Punishment: Jupiter Sais Prometheus should be chained to a rock, and every day the eagle would eat out a part of his liver, and each day the liver would grow back and the eagle would return. - Prometheus is the metaphor for the overreacher. - Overreacher – a person that defies the gods – a person that dabbles in dangerous knowledge. - Prometheus suffered a lot and for a long time until Hercules rescued him. - Frankenstein book by Merry Shelly – title was ‘The modern Prometheus’ – Example. - Overreacher – what you create may turn around and reach havoc on you. - Ever since the figure of the overreacher has been associated with science, when we think of science we think of the marbles and the monsters it can create. - Science has the ability to redefine boundaries of knowledge. And definitions of humanity. - Science is at the heart of ‘Brave New World’ - Science was in his blood. He was related to Tomas Huxley. The defender of Charles Darwin (Tomas); did the speaking. - Huxley prepared himself for a career was going to study biology. - The Mythos of Scientism: o Mythos means a set of shared beliefs. o Scientism is about our attitudes towards science and our value judgements about science. o Science is dangerous – views that are possible.
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