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EN 2011

Gender Studies I EN2011 – Fall 2010 – Terry Goldie Lecture 2 – Sept 23 - Homosexuality identity – sodomite. - Erotic interest. - The role of science in sexuality/sexual orientation. - Cultural interpretation of sex. - Nature vs. nurture. - Separating sexuality from reproduction. Science - Pleasure. - ‘It’s not that the table doesn’t exist, it’s that it only becomes of importance when one thinks about that.’ - We begin understanding of the world with the prejudice. - To have a neutral way of understanding anything, specifically gender is impossible. Nature vs. Nurture - Scientific understanding is better on nature than it is on nurture. - Where does nature end and where does nurture begin? o Nature – the way you come out (physically). o Nurture – the way you are born, long hair and short hair. - People who are quiet become loud, like they have a ticking bomb that went off. - Who you are is constructed by society (social construction). - Essentialist vs. existentialist – I am who I am because of my existence. o Existentialist – when I am born I begin and when I die I end. o Essentialist – Religion. Idea that you have an essence that precedes existence. - The essence of your is that idea of connecting to God. Erotic Interest - There are some people that have an erotic interest in the same or opposite sex. - Those who are bisexual are lying/confused or not willing to tell. - Papua New Guinea – Because of the cultural interpretation, reproduction or not the main sexual reason/act. What produces warriors is the sexual interaction between male and boys. Homosexual Identity – Sodomite - Increase of understanding of sexuality. - Interesting projector of the understanding of sexuality. - Fear focuses over male homosexuality. - It begins in western culture
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