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Gender Studies I EN2011 – Fall 2010 – Terry Goldie Lecture 6 – Oct 21 Fall On Your Knees - An event or object that is essential to the novel: o Kathleen’s diary. o The family tree. o Lily meeting Rose. o Rose’s suit. o Green dress. o Ambrose Nightgown. - Saint Ambrose is the source of the religious quotes that are on the funeral cards. - Saint Ambrose becomes Frances and Lily’s guide. Rose’s Suit - What Rose’s suit represents in terms of Rose’s sexuality and Lily’s sexuality. - Billy Tipton was a jazz performer, and he is an interesting figure in our understanding of our sexuality. He dressed as a man on stage from the age of 18, in his early life he was referred to as a lesbian. He appeared the way he did because he wanted to succeed in a man-dominated field. - There is no reason to presume that Rose’s father exists. It is possible that it is a character that Rose created just to give herself a father figure. Everything must have a creator. - She wants to be ‘Daddy’s girl’, the figure of her father. - Is Rose explainable by her father? Her mother. - Her sexuality could be a result of her mother’s career? - If she is a response to her mother, her mother’s prostitution and drugs, play a role in her sexuality. - Rose looks after her mother’s drug addiction. - Rose wants to reject what her mother is. - Why does her mother want her to be such a success? o Rose’s colour is an issue both positive and negative. o Be proud of your colour, be a representative of your colour. o Don’t show your colour. Don’t be the low down person that the white person wants you to be. o There is her mother dealing with a black child in a white society and trying to make her the best black person in their society. - Why is Jean who she is? Why is she a mess? o She is from an upper class background. o She has offended her family. o She wants to reject that family but she can’t. - Jeans relationship to Kathleen. - After she has the dream about Pete, she turns to daddy in her own mind. - But daddy is Pete. The sexual abuser. - In the same way that James as the abuser divides herself from the devil, so does Kathleen divide her father from Pete. The good person is divided from the bad person. - Everything that is good is Daddy. - She has divided her father from Pete, so her father is not the abuser. - Russell Williams make the person who committed the crime a different person. - Kathleen has been taught she can do anything and make her family life into a different life. Family Tree - It is not something only at the end of the book but also at the beginning of the book. - ‘They are all dead now..’ Lily is stalking to Anthony. - Presumably Lily is talking to Anthony, through the entire book. - The family tree, when Mercedes try to make it, is buried under a rock because Lily defaces it. - Lily colours in the family tree, colour referring to skin. - A sense of colour as ethnicity related to religion and understanding. - When there is something intimate going on between Lily and Francis it’s in Arabic. - Modernism are something that is related to your language but they have important tokens. - Mothers are something that has a deep understanding. - One of Kathleen’s great failures is to reject her mother and praise her father. - Adele is thinking about the evil in the Piper family, she says ‘men don’t know that these things exist.’ - Good women feel, men tend to cause trouble when they get involved. (like sperm donors). - They have a family tree in which the real meaning of family is always something on the side. - Who is Anthony’s father? Leo. - Why does Francis choose Leo? She believe that Ginger impregnated Kathleen. - Why does Francis want a child? She drowned Ambrose. She’s replacing Ambrose with the father that she thinks is the father of Ambrose and Lily. - Who should be the father of Ambrose and Lily? Rose. - Rose is the symbolic father of Ambrose and Lily. - Mercedes puts the equal sign between Kathleen and Rose. - Anthony in that sense becomes Rose’s grandson. - Rose’s daughter, Lily comes back and then you get Anthony coming back and meeting his grandfather. - The family tree is confusing. - No one wan
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