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Gender Studies I EN2011 – Fall 2010 – Terry Goldie Lecture 8 – Nov 4 - Things that you have observed about this play or the theater in general which seem important while you read it – o Setting o Actor vs. Character. o Double casting. o Dialogue/narration o Symbolism o Blocking Setting - Try and see the play on stage. - Everything is visible to the audience at all times. You are watching everything. Actor vs. Character - The actress and Miss Lizzie are making the choice to have Bridget and Lizzie played by the same character. - The actress who is going to explore the role of Lizzie. - Why does Miss Lizzie play Bridget? o It removes her of the bigger picture of the trial and it keeps her out of the question of whether she did it. - The different between Bridget and Lizzie – o Lizzie is playing a Bridget that knows what’s going on. o The actress is searching for a narrative arch. She is searching for something that allows her to tell the story. - Bridget: o The only other person who does know about the murder. o She saw Bridget as her supporter because Bridget was also against their step mother. She didn’t make judgements about Lizzie like everyone else. o Bridget’s role is similar to that of Lizzie’s – she is not married, will not have children – they have a lot in common. o Lizzie feels Bridget is the only one that understands. o Lizzie senses them being the same. - Our families are set in an intense experience. - How is Bridget better than Lizzie? o Bridget conforms to her role and Lizzie doesn’t. o Bridget’s role is a maid, therefore, she cannot yell at her boss. - Bridget seems to Lizzie to be an independent. Not someone who is dependent on her boss. Someone who worked in one place and then another. She has independence because she has her own wage. - Doctor Patrick and Bridget seem to be the same. - Doctor Patrick is in a good position in terms of class but he is married and Irish. - What way beside class are Doctor Patrick and Bridget different? o Bridget has no economy; meanwhile Doctor Patrick is a doctor. o Women were kept out of the medical profession. o Bridget is a maid. Females are the primary servants. o Doctor Patrick is married but he is allowed to wonder about because he is male and a doctor. - Harry o He is a user. o He is the brother-in-law. o Why does he have the role he has?  Because Mr. Borden doesn’t have a son.  ‘Men understand family in a way that females don’t.’ - Why does Mr. Borden think that men understand family in a way that females don’t? o In terms of financial understanding. o Men as a female trainer. o He has terrible examples of ‘females’ because his daughters do not occupy the regular female role. - Emma does not get married because she needs to take care of Lizzie. - Emma is a woman identified woman. It does not mean she is a lesbian. But we often hear of her relationship with the girls. - The relationship with Miss Lizzie and the actress is somehow sexual, Emma’s relationship with Miss Lizzie a
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