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Gender Studies I EN2011 – Fall 2010 – Terry Goldie Lecture 7 – Oct 28 - We think of young children as neither male nor female because of their voices. - Children are more gendered when they are 3-6 than they are later on. - When a child is 4, he wants to do boy things and play boy games. - ‘Is that a boy computer or a girl computer?’ - The gender vision continues but it is less aware. - The science is one thing and the culture is another. - If you have a clear gender divide, it means you can change a child from one to another with a direct marker. - Tomboys are acceptable. Sissy boys are not acceptable. - The assumption is that the male child who acts female will turn out gay. - The female child who acts male will grow out of it. - The idea of our biological understanding always being shaped by our cultural understanding and our biological understanding not explaining our cultural understanding is confusion. - Science enables you to do things and understand things in certain ways. - Our understanding of why things happen and how they work are two different things. Genes and Gender - What we know about genes. o The human genome project.  Each one of us is built of DNA.  Wanted to map how these are through all humans around the world.  Original idea: 100,000 genes.  Once we found the 100,000 genes we would be able to figure out the makeup of humans.  But what they found instead was that there were 30,000 genes.  What it tells us is that genes tell us fewer answers than we thought.  The genes, which are the closest thing we could get to human
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