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Gender Studies II EN2012 – Winter 2011 – Terry Goldie Lecture 5 – ‘Witting’ – Feb 3 Film – Featuring Michelle Williams and Chloe Sevigne - Women is a feminist term, not a lesbian term; chosen for feminist reasons to be lesbians, not clear if they have innate feelings for males. - Judging others for being ‘not enough of something’: butches are representation of male hierarchy (wearing ties), and butches judge others as victims (due to their femininity). - Bartender does not want to serve women, sees other females as part of the problem: ‘hidden’ minorities, i.e. gays and lesbians (historically), want to stay in. - Feminist lesbians, young want to enter this place because they feel they belong. - Butch takes on leadership role same role as in heterosexuality. - Two stereotypically masculine moments (by getting women is to act big and tough): when Chloe admits that she doesn’t smoke, and when she doesn’t know what to do. - Knows that Michelle wants masculinity but not an actual male; Michelle acts in a way responsive to Chloe’s treatment. - Does Chloe represent the Female-to-male transgendered person? - Masculine (dominance) versus femininity (vulnerable, passivity, object). - Chloe (the looker) while Michelle (the object being looked at) shows through the camera angles and how the camera treats each character differently. Witting - Witting: we don’t need this, and we eliminate all the power problems in society. - If lesbians get rid of gender roles both masculinity and femininity. - If a female feels caught by the gender dynamics or an identity, then gender roles are a problem; double meaning: wants empowerment from it but also wants to not be limited by it. - The labels of gender roles are the problem. - Fear of eliminating gender roles is that sexual identity is attached to our
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