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Gender Studies II EN2012 – Winter 2011 – Terry Goldie Lecture 9 – ‘Middlesex Novel’ – Mar 10 Inter-Sex - Everyone begins life neither male nor female, when hormones kick in, one becomes male or female (after birth and then after puberty again). - Latent maleness can become full-fledged male later on. - Terminology is simple a name for the process of which medical treatment follows, i.e. diabetic. - Intersex like other medical conditions, possibly a defect. - Anyone biologically other than strictly male or female is intersex (based on rigid criteria, i.e. clearly ambiguous genitalia among others); definition is open book. - Idea of the intersexual (being one thing or the other)… - Hermaphrodite comes from Greek term, hermaphrodites child of Hermes and Aphrodite, meaning both female and male, seen pejorative, not used anymore. Middlesex Novel - About Calle’s ancestry, about Greeks and Turks/mythology; genetic hiccup and small gene pool reinforced causes Calle’s problem. - Myth becomes the narrative of which we understand our lives by Frye, i.e. religions are examples of these myths – sense of something that we use to understand our lives. - Term hermaphrodite suggests a blending of the absolute sexes, bridges divide; biologically possible but realistically not so in society. - Part of intersex activist movement believes mutilation should not happen; say
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