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Gender Studies II EN2012 – Winter 2011 – Terry Goldie Lecture 11 – ‘Pornography’ – Mar 24 Pros - Objectifies women. - Objectifies men. - Sex as a business. - Decreases normal sexual energy. Cons - Empowers women. - Sexual release. - Sex as a business. Stacey Valentine - Is she unhappy because of the pornography or because of other choices? - Did not want to be a housewife; associated housewife status as being constricted. - Sex is seen as just sex in the videoclip; her body becomes objectifies by fans. - Double penetration part of pornography instead of part of regular sexual experience; girl on girl action specifically for pornography. - Can female pornography ever be commercially viable? Gay, straight or lesbian pornography geared towards men – the audience for pornography. Objectifies People - Sets unrealistic goals as to how to look, act during sex. Commercialized as a Business - Sex as a business objectifies women – objectifies women in the same way that society objectifies women/symptom of society. - Pornography has been around for ages, it represents prostitution and sex work = nicknamed as ‘the world’s oldest profession’ – presumably will continue to exist as men will pay for sex. - Sex work can financially empower women (to an extent), women get paid more than male counterparts, sometimes exponentially more. - Is pornography morally wrong? One argument is that the idea that sex is private and should be kept private, hurts human dignity, i.e. same case against child porn. Child Pornographer - The problem of the pornography is not the pornography itself but the act that is involved. - The more unusual the type of pornography, the narrower the prospective client pool but the higher the impetus for people to gain it. - Idea of a sexual release – men committed of sexual crimes, often has pornography that fits the crime/directly related. - What w
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