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EN 2140
Aleksandar Lukac

EN 2220 – Drama March 20, 2013 Waiting for Godot Historical Context  WWII- the most effective and overwhelming demonstration of human self- destructive nature. The enormous human and material loss, endless stories of brutality and a sense of hopelessness for human kind.  Connections with a Doll’s House, and with a Servant of Two Masters.  Second World War was worse than the fist.  Holocaust, Stalin’s mass murderers of political opponents and basic destruction of the moral fiber of the society – posed questions to many intellectuals and artists of the meaning of human race. All the structure that kept a sense of order – religion, government, education, science – failed to contextualize WWII in any meaningful way. Of course there were and political explanations – but they fell short in giving an overall explanation for what happened.  Similarly to Berthold Brecht after WWII - who found hope in creating a new socially conscious theater (Epic Theater), Beckett was responding to the catastrophe of WWII and created a theater that went beyond such hope. th  Theater context – The history of 20 century Theater is an endless process of experimentation. Many artists found themselves unhappy with the state of theater – realism and especially frilly musicals, melodramas and other genres inherited th from the 19 century just did not fit the world post WWII.  Some movements – Expressionism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Symbolism, Epic Theatre, Futurism, Biomechanics, etc. are all attempts by various artists to
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