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Lecture 9

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EN 2140
Aleksandar Lukac

EN 2140 Lecture March 7, 2012 Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) • Aestheticism o Art for art's sake. o Life should imitate art. • Went to oxford. • Witty, Flamboyant • Preplanned his life - famous or notorious. • Made himself into a celebrity. o Gilbert and Sullivan made a character in their play Patience which was based on Wilde. (metatheatrical) • Became a staple in society before he was published. • The Importance of Being Earnest • Victorian age. o Very structured social code/realm o Decorum - religious, marital, courting etc. § The stricter the code, the easier it is to make fun of. • I.O.B.E - makes fun of this decorum. o Pure entertainment o Written in a short amount of time. o Trivialities, making fun of society. • Serious and trivial things are treated the opposite way in which they are supposed to. o When he says he smoked, she tells him that a man needs to have a hobby - it was
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