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Women in Literature: A Comparative Analysis EN3150 – Fall/Winter 2011/2012 – Patricia Keeney Lecture 2 – Some Ideas about Women – Sept 19 Simone de Beauvoir – ‘The Second Sex’ - Written in 1949, published in France. - Unusual in a couple of ways. o Combines various disciplines together,  Biology.  History.  Psychology. o Although it analyzes the position of women in western civilization, it does so while taking in masculine values. - Simone elevates the masculine as the ‘ultimate type’ to which women should inspire. - She needed to remain the faultless intellectual – she prided herself on this. - Her husband had many affairs and she retaliating with small affairs that gave her heart aches because she ended up liking the men – she experienced great amounts of jealousy. - Moral and intellectual codes were not her own in her formative years. - Born into a society where girls were marrying within their own class – they would remain chase until they moved out of their parents’ house and rule into their husbands. - Her father was an idealist – aspired to more than he could achieve. - Catholicism o Her parents were radically opposed – mother believed, father didn’t.  Mother represented things of the spirit and was very str
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