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EN 3170
Peter Paolucci

Review February 10 For the essay:   Pick one or 2 things form a theorist and apply it to 1 or 2 instances in the novel/story (pick the one that gives you the most mileage/length)  Write your first paragraph last  Don't use long quotes--the fewer words, the better  Don't use 3 examples for one thing--use the 1 that gives you the most words  To be submitted as a digital copy ([email protected])--failure to follow submission instructions results in automatic 5% deduction; .doc or .docx file; automatic 24-hour extension, no questions asked  Call document: Essay1paolucci.doc  Page numbers in top right; works cited page gets numbered as well Revision Strategies for essays:  Grammar, syntax, spelling  *Do I have a thesis?  *With every paragraph: what does this have to do with my argument? (focus)  Vocabulary--don't use a thesaurus; one word does not necessarily equal another--don't need to provide variety, don't use words interchangeably  Don't waste time defining terms; use it in a way that shows you understand it  Redundancy, overuse--pruning  *Flow--transitions (e.g. sectional, paragraph)  Quotes--make sure it's relevant to your point; check accuracy; for transparency's sake, unpack
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