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EN 3170
Peter Paolucci

"Dracula," A Freudian Approach January 20 For the essay and exam:  Should read "Dracula" twice - once for the plot, once for analyzing  Show a mastery of the material; find a passage within the novels and examine them yourself--> don't lean on what's discussed in class  There are many important theorists in this course, but focus especially on Jung and Freud ______________________________________________________________________________  Archetypes - "symbol-producing structures in the collective (whole, all of humanity) unconscious...of self."  Shadow material - which produces fear, paranoia, shame  "Civilization" - people who live in a city, for example; requires a general set of behaviour; its opposite is "heathen," someone who lives on the heath, who is dirty/smelly/barbaric/not nice; there is a set of rules that we internalize, and that suppress our instincts; for Freud, civilization comes between us and our happiness/instincts  "Civilization and its Discontents" (focus mostly on chapter 4) - we are animals, but with a sense of morality; we have an extended sense of self - past, present, future; we're able to reflect on our own existence; we can rationalize/reason in ways animals can't--> we use our reason to control our impulses; Freud says our sense of smell is atrophied/weak; we stand on 2 legs rather than 4--> less smell, but better sight  Our bodily functions have become taboo/repressed; our swear words are based on bodily functions--> "Oh, shit" and "Piss off"  Harker is always aware of smells in Castle Dracula--> he's being forced into a primal origin of the human species; Dracula is like an animal--> he kills without remorse, chooses victims strategically  "Habit of forming families"; pack mentality; in a dog world, power is determined by smell; the Alpha has the right to all the females; primal horde--> primitive humans worked much like a pack of dogs--> there's a pecking order (Alpha male, Beta male, etc) and this is the way problems are solved; but we also have reason, can use cunning and treachery--> the Beta males gang up on the Alpha and kill him, so then there's a bunch of Beta males fighting to be the Alpha--> this is all for access to the females  "You think to baffle me...I want to feed. Bah!" (chapter 23) - what makes Van Helsing the Alpha male is his age, physical strength and control of it, his knowledge of science and superstition (usually opposite worlds); he's a foreigner/outsider, he also acts like the Alpha; Dracula is the outsider in the world though--> "ϋberalpha"  "Your girls that you all love are mine already" - Dracula is after the girls, that's the definition of Alpha; he's an attack on the p
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