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Lecture 8

EN 3174 Lecture 8: EN 3174 - Winter

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York University
EN 3174
Kathryn Walton

EN 3174 02.16.17 Food strike… Research Essay Assignment • Due March 30 (25%) • Can’t use the course texts you used on your first essay (Peter Rabbit, Peter and Wendy) • Annotated Bibliography due March 2 (the day we come back after reading week) Dark Thirty • Sub-Genre of fantasy literature, none are set in secondary world, grounded in reality and history, but bring in aspects of fantasy (ghosts, visions, spells, monsters) • Faces an intersection of obstacles, triply marginalized because it’s children’s literature, it’s African-American literature, and it’s written by a woman; think about the reasons why texts like this are overlooked • Patricia Mckissack o Born in Nashville TN in 1944, raised in a southern environment that informs her story writing o Writes a lot about the poet Dunbar, became a children’s book editor, published 2 religious books under a pseudonym; want to ensure that African American children learn about their history • Dark-Thirty o Tries to reflect the different aspects of African American culture o So many stories come from grandparent’s oral traditions •
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