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EN 3177
Jonathan Warren

Peanuts – Introductions, Misc.  Visual simplicity, blank space,  Dense ink was used, Charles recognized that the busier parts of the comic is where your eye is led.  Peanuts, on the other hand, is empty. He is directing you to the difference, the emptiness  Formal choices harmonize the strips thematic concerns, pining and grief.  MAD is a comic books, then later as a magazine.  Peanuts began as a newspaper strip in the 1950s  Satire of peanuts and the satire of MAD.  Caricature: a representation. Especially pictorial, in which the subject’s distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated or distorted to produce a comic or grotesque effect.  The service of mockery. They are not grotesques or caricatures.  Grotesque 2.) Simplify so as to Universalize  The more cartoony a face, the more people it is said to identify with, 3.) Simplified, universalized characters encourage reader-identification  We see ourselves. The cartoon is a vacuum in which we can project our selves onto. MAD has too specific of characters that targets American culture, but does not use formal techniques to identify with its readers. They encourage a distance between readers and magazines. This is too feel magnificent to the audiences. Juvenalian (MAD) a. -vicious, scathing b. -audience is separated from the target c. Encourages judgement disdain d. -aims to ridicule Horatian (Peanuts) a. -Gentle, self mocking b. Audience is linked to target c. Encourages recognition d. Aims to leach MAD magazine disrupts us from identifying the characters. Sympathize with the gang of idiots. Their drama, is out drama. Laughing at versus Laughing with  Mad depicts grownups as fools, absurdity and foolishness. We are hoped to laugh at those fools. Immature American society is  Peanuts is understanding the mature issues in a childlike society.  MAD says laugh at it, Peanuts is the maturity of the issue, laugh with them.  Peanuts is the comic in the society where the society has to live it. Do not laugh at the characters, laugh with them. Sympathize, to share the feelings of another person.  Sympathy: the act or capacity for sharing or understanding the feelings of another person  Trapped in a world of profound unhappiness, alienation, fear, they are not carefree.  Peanuts is an elaborate name. The characters are profound, considering heavy questions. They feel tormented, worried.  Rage, angry, faith, violence, emptiness, war, vulnerability, weakness, resentment, insecurity, grief.  Children and animals to represent cultural ideas. No prankish violence, formal elegance in peanuts. MAD provides hope to those in conformist America, to hope that there are other out there that have weird notions, lust growing cultures, etc. MAD promises that absurdities can be overcome by witty artists, peanuts is never so sure that there should be hope.  Peanuts stumbles on hypocrisy, those with power without overcoming it.  This position was not unique to Peanuts followin
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