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EN 3177
Jonathan Warren

Cold War Strategy Brinkmanship: A policy that creates the impression that a government is willing to use any necessary means, including using nuclear weapons, not to lose a war. Essentially, a game of political “chicken.” MAD: Mutually Assured destruction. A military -Nuclear war as an inevitable part of society. It might come at any moment, creating paranoia. Constant preparedness, constant worry.  Propaganda- the idea of German spies where they would try to unravel America. Can not trust anyone.  Red- Culture of suspicion, the idea of communism infiltrating America. Communism became the scapegoat to blame one who didn’t agree with the system. (those who wanted equality)  HUAC- Try ti catch fasists to ward off communists. Concerned with the entertainment industry. Left leaners. “Have you ever been a communist?”  How do we define normal? Normal needs to be policed.  To keep children away from influcences that would corrupt them, and those that wanted to challenge what happened with society. Outists.  Many younger children would read comics. Easy to share around, easy to read in the trenches.  This was a simplicit world, there are the good, and there is the bad,  There were many that believed that comic books were not a proper  In Canada, those comics that dealt with crime were banned. Ie. Batman Dr.Fredric Wetham  Believed that he ruined comics. He wanted to keep things tame, and under control. He had a very prominent impact on comics.  He was one who tried to help those who were ostrasized in society. He wanted to help immigrants, etc.  He gave them real power, but blamed them for that power.  Demanded that comics clean themselves up.  He ended up creating the COMICS CODE. The code governed the content of comic books and articulated guidelines in six specific areas.  General crime and violence, dialogue, relgiogion, costume, marriage and sex, advertising,  Oct 26 1954-2011  Massive effect on superheroes. Suddenly, superheroes have families, are normal, super women, and they have girlfriends. They are like real people.  DC had horror lines, they did not promote normality.  They were now down to a single title.  MAD MAGAZINE  They were no longer a comic, didn’t have to abide by the code.  First published in 1952 and edited by Harvey Kurtzman. This mocked the code.  “1954” Beautiful girl of the month  Mad was designed to corrupt the mind of children. Set out to violate the code in as many ways as it can.  The only thing that kept them going was mad.  MAD  Cold war was mutually destructing normalities.  Weapons against/for revealing crazies. 
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