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Lecture 5

EN 3193 Lecture 5: EN 3193 - Winter

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EN 3193
Judith Stuart

EN 3193 02.15.17 Essay Proposals Due Today • Will be handed back by March 1 st • As you move forward with your essays, make sure they’re formal in language o “I think, in Brave New World, that the satire is Juvenalian” ▪ In Brave New World, the satire is Juvenalian ▪ Sounds more confident o “This essay will prove…” ▪ Don’t need it, stating your thesis is enough to show what the essay will prove • Grammar errors will be marked and but not docked Reading Week • Don’t use this time to slack off, use it to catch up and get ahead A Brave New World • Belongs to the blanket term of modernism, late example th • Modernism  a movement which began at the close of the 19 century; peaked in the 1920s/around the time of World War One; the things they were worrying about were different; o Broke away from establishment modes of writing, deliberately tried to embrace new things (genres, themes, approaches to writing) attempting to be less formal and challenge the status quo/hegemony/art forms (offering new ways of interpretation); examines man’s place in the universe o An existential element; seems to be aware of its self as an art
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