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Lecture 8

EN 3193 Lecture 8: EN 3193 - Winter

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EN 3193
Judith Stuart

EN 3193 03.15.17 Essays • Due next week, don’t forget to staple your proposal to the back of your essay • Mediate quotes, no first-person pronouns, choose your quotes carefully • Don’t have to underline your thesis in this one, but you can if you want to. Needs to be the final sentence of your opening paragraph • “Quote” vs. “quotation” • 1750-2000 Words; preferable to keep it around 1750 • I’ve never had a professor prefer the word count of an essay to be shorter • Don’t say “this essay will show”, just make a statement about your argument Exam • In-class, 2.5 hours, April 5 Animal Farm • Satire of political systems, with no solution offered; tries to offer a possibility for a solution but it ultimately fails and things may even end up worse off than before • Orwell was pessimistic of the future of mankind, if you take the book to represent society at large • What does that mean in terms of politics, if there is no solution? I guess you’d want to vote for the next new thing in hopes it’ll fix past errors • Aware of communism and the flaws of human nature • Similar to Brave New World, no solution was offered to a damaged society; chose technology as a new god, Animal farm has chosen another species • Could you prevent the Brave New World? o Social hierarchy o Few control the many o Use of vices and distractions: technology/drugs/religion; but we’re more aware of it • Differences o Desire of attachments o Desire of family • We have a meritocracy; human beings being supreme is something we know and are familiar today • Relatively biblical set up with the farmer and his wife looking after the farm, not merciful, not considerate of the animals; as soon as they’re no longer useful, the animals are slaughtered without a care; the animals rise-up under Major’s direction • At the end of the text, you still have a meritocracy that isn’t biblical • No resolution is reached • In brave new world, we looked at how to avoid the bad things • How do you avoid that Marxist pyramid where money is at the top o You need to have compassionate leadership that realizes and identifies inequality in the political/social system and cares enough to change it for the good of the people despite the personal/individual struggle it’ll take to affect that change o Orwell is presupposing that we will always give merit whether it is earned or not, and that is what we have to break from Bloody Chamber • Collection of short stories • Fairy tales, magic, mystery, suspending disbelief • Expect a happy ending 2 • Heroines have happy endings, men don’t • No damsels in distress; typically the object of desire in that role; you still have a heroine but not as needy and helpless as some • The agents by which they achieve their resolution are not necessarily the huntsman or prince • When you want a happily ever after, it’s usually synonymous with marriage • These stories create a new mythology, revision fairy tales in parody form; taken, used, twisted • Heroes are not exactly prince charming’s; the first one is a re-visioning of a pirate story – blue beard o Piratical figure, married multiple times and each time bad things happen to his wife
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