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EN 3193
Natalie Neill

JANE AUSTEN 1755-1818 - Wrote in British Romantic Period (1780-1830) (attack on the age of realism) - Set the realist novelist - Style: realism, irony and satire, narrative economy, free-indirect narration - Regency Writer: Regency Period: reaction against the romantic sensibilities - wrote six novels - Juvenalia work (testing ground for novels) which she wrote when she was a teenager, usually parodied the novel of sensibility. When she was fifteen wrote short story: “Love and Friendship” (1790) and points out how unrealistic novels of sensibility were - tries to point out how important it is to READ CRITICALLY NORTHANGER ABBEY (written in 1798 but published in 1818) - Gothic- target of parody and also vehicle - Broader social satire - Sensibility parody - written right after “Love and Friendship” - more imitation of Radcliffe (over adoptive imagination) than parody - nothing supernatural - Difference between Radcliffe though: Abby, novel is realistic, and narrator is ironic, more dramatic irony - Character: Catherine doesn’t read critically so when “supernatural” things occurs she comes to the wrong conclusion but reader knows the truth - Castle of Wolfenbach, Clermont, Mysterious Warnings, Necromancer of the Black Forest, Midnight Bell, Orphan of the Rhine, and Horrid Mysteries. (Northanger Novels: “Northanger Seven,” which are real books but are badly written. This is Austen' - 3 aspects of Gothi that Austen critiques: staylistic and narrative excesses, lack of realism, conventionality - writes how she believed the British novel should be written - Bath, good setting for gothic fiction-so poking fun at the setting as well - satires manners and social conventions - How the novel’s parodied: throught naïve intradiegetic reader (reader within the reader, narrative with
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