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Lecture 9

EN 3535 Lecture 9: EN 3535 - Winter

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EN 3535
Deanne Williams

EN 3535 03.16.17 Next Week • Exam prep Tempest and Theatre • Theatricality o Highlighting codes and conventions of theatrical communication as well as the spectator’s self-conscious perception of them o What calls to attention the notion of theatre, in the play; play within a play, referencing performances and aspects of theatre • What theatrical moments exist in: o As You Like It – Rosalind’s epilogue addressing the audience directly, notion of gender fluidity, Rosalind playing the part of Ganymede, disguise, costume, performing a role; Orlando’s courtship of Rosalind, through Ganymede layers of roleplay; Jacques says, “All the world’s a stage” characters refer to performance and theatre directly o Othello – Iago is a director of sorts manipulates props and develops a narrative to tell Othello; Story telling woos Desdemona; Venetian vs. Moor categories are at stake from the very beginning, underscore his identity as a character; White actors performing Black Face o King Lear – Division of the Kingdom through pageantry of Goneril and Regan for reward, one daughter doesn’t follow script; Role of Ideal daughter which Cordelia upsets; Nature personified as King Lear’s reflection of his inner state; Edmund sets up his brother, creates a script and narrative against his brother; Edgar adopts identity of Poor Tom, through this different character he’s able to come to terms with his father and save his life; Gloucester loses his eyes gruesome and pushing the envelope in terms of the depiction of violence on stage, what is theatrical decorum when it comes to violence like that o Macbeth – witches as creatures of the court mask, provided moments for costume and music; Duncan’s murder as pageant orchestrated by Lady Macbeth; Lady Macbeth playing housewife and hosting Duncan at her house when she knows they’re going to kill him; Banquo’s ghost as a performance of special effects; Lady Macbeth as masculine, Macbeth as female in the representa
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