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Conservation Biology

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Environmental Biology
ENVB 2050
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Chapter 23 Species and Their Formation231 What Are SpeciesWe can recognize and identify many species by their appearanceLinnaeus described hundreds of species on the basis of their appearancemorphological species conceptSpecies form over timeEach species starts at a speciation event and ends at either extinction or another speciation event at which it produces two daughter species This process is often gradualSpeciation is the process by which one species splits into two or more daughter species which thereafter evolve as distinct lineagesThe gradual nature of most speciation guarantees that in many cases two populations at various stages in the process of becoming new species will existAn important component to speciation is reproductive isolation If individuals of a population mate with one another but not with individuals of other populations they constitute a distinct group within which genes recombine232 How Do New Species AriseAllopatric speciation requires almost complete genetic isolationSpeciation that results when a populations is divided by a physical barrierIs thought to be the dominant mode of speciation among most groups of organismsThe populations separated by suc
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