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York University
Environmental Studies
ENVS 1000
Peter Timmerman

CLIMATE CHANGE Svante Arrhenius 1898 sketched out hypothetical about doubling of CO2. If that happened, then the temperature of the planet will rise about 2 degrees centigrade. GHG effect occurs all the time- solar radiation comes in and much of it bounces off. Some is absorbed by the Earth. Some of that becomes infrared heat. Human intervention is changing the atmospheric carbon net increase every year. Glaciers are retreating, other than the few outliers. Sea ice is shrinking, creating more dark space. The more dark space, the more heat absorption. There is a lot of permafrost in Canada, especially in the north. The melting would create methane and GHGs into the air. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)- mixture of science and other analysis about climate change, forming reports and reporting to the United Nations Ways to monitor issues- city vs. countryside, satellite vs. ground testing and how variable is the climate? One solution: ice core drilling- get pure space and drill down the ice as far back as many thousands of years. This is a direct examination of the past, you can tell by the core sample. You can also look at the chemical composition. When CO2 presses climate, it can go into highs and lows (temperature change) very abruptly (peaks and valleys seen in graphs from Vostok ice core sample). Kyoto Protocol set targets for GHG emissio
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