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Environmental Studies
ENVS 1000
Peter Timmerman

Urban Design (Hough) response to fragmentation of local nature, ecological impacts, placelessness, loss of identity Solutions 1. Rethink relation between city and environment 2. Take an ecosystem approach to urban/natural processes 3. Connect and enhance natural systems (corridors, etc.) 4. Use technology to enhance city/nature 5. Make ecosystem services visible find a way for pavements to hold in water, Toronto brickworks The ecology of cities - current city ecology/ecosystems - “greening” the city “the natural city” cities being part of the natural world Toronto’s ecological footprint 200 times larger than cities represent a paradox and complicated relationship European cities have become much more ecofriendly than Canadian cities European ECOCITY Soundscapes Sound/Media Theory: the visual vs. the aural - different ratios of senses - a “visual” aural culture than a “sensible” aural -focused aural vs. noise aural McLuhan/Carpenter – founder of media studies in 1950s, argued that: - media functions as extensions of our senses (the “sensorium”) and that they configure the awareness and experience of each one of us - contemporary media divorce sound from location: oral/aural culture is characterized by rooted, embedded sound. Edmund Carpenter: - “acoustic space” - “sonic shock” what happens when ppl are newly exposed to a technology (radio, photographs, movies) - how do new media alter their sense of their bodies, their environment; what can this tell us about their original “phenomenological” immersion in their environments. - traditional cultures have a different sense of how things are shaped and how things move around New Media -new media begin by adopting previous
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