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Environmental Studies
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ENVS 1000
Peter Timmerman

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th March 19 , 2014 - ENV1000 Lecture 3 WAVES OF FEMINISM - First wave (19 century): gradual politicization of women during other struggles. Suffragettes – women as people, citizens with the right to vote - Second wave (1960s-1980s): beyond basic rights; unequal laws and other inequalities Betty Friedan, the feminine mystique (1963) nd - Third wave/new wave: 1990s-? critique of 2 wave for its exclusions – race, class, developed Outcome: Beijing Plan of Action only data about women was when they were giving birth up until about 10 yrs ago info about women before were taking from men about 25 yr old men Body/Nature - are we our bodies? - our bodies are our closest environment; also called our “primary environment” - various aspects: our phenomenology, our sense of “self”, social expectation, physical selves - can we change our selves (e.g. our gender) ? -things that alienate our self from ourselves: pain, suffering, age, alienation, ecstasy, sense of self. Vertical bias: Heaven – reason – controlled – male - God Nature – emotion – wild – female – hell Professor Deirdre – was Donald McCloskey in economics profession Ecofeminism “An ecofeminist ethic is both a critique of male domination of both women and nature and an attempt to - commitment to the historic interconnections of domination- begins with women and sex/gender analysis and calls attention to the exploitation of all “others” (human and nonhuman alike) - special focus on the environmental impacts on, struggles of women - has evolved into support for various forms of “queer ecology” Liberal Ecofeminism, social ecofeminism, third world (post colonial) ecofeminism Environmental Impacts In poorest countries, women walk 4-10 miles a day for water, 26% of the day, 40 billion working hours in Africa each year water weight commonly 20 kilos rd Different environmental impacts (esp. 3 world) - women exposed to house hazards (
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