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York University
Environmental Studies
ENVS 1000
Peter Timmerman

Global food system 50% of food produced in Canada is exported, and 70% of what we eat comes from Canadian farms farming now considered as an unworthy profession, only about 1.5% of population are farmers before there used to be 1 farmer for every 7 people in the country name has changed to primary agriculture 8% goes ensuring sustainability -promote community stability Food system is dominant by these rules -high productivity, high inputs - high volume, scale efficiency, low cost, -shareholder value, dominate markets -centralization, distancing, export -value-added to extract consumer dollar, homogenize taste -externalize costs-health and environment -niches:quality, health, organic (people take advantage of often to make money) dollar spent at food market – less than 15 cents in Canada go to farmers a lot of it is spent on labor (38cents in 2000 US) rest on packaging, marketing, etc Factors affecting food choices and eating patterns Psycho-social factors -education, formal and informal -beliefs, attitudes knowledge, good and nutrition skills -gender -language, culture, -social norms (body image, self esteem, etc) -personal tastes economic factors -income/employment -food costs -food advertising anf d 70% of shoppers buys are impulse buys, supermakets designed to buy more high profit items, (usually highly processed goods) Main food system problems: -not designed to optimize health -not energy efficient -damaging to environment -does not provide many actors with a decent living; highly inequitable distribution of benefits -does not respect food cultures and commensality -creates divisions between rural and urban; producer and eater -compromises food systems of the global south most GHG emissions are coming
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