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Environmental Studies
ENVS 1000
Peter Timmerman

WATERLectureNotesareNOTincludedPleaseaddyourlecturenoteswithinthisbriefsummaryofcoursereadingsandcasestudiesWe use water every day of our lives We are carried in it before birth blessed in it swim in it drink it bathe in it wash everything in it sweat it freeze itetc Because of waters necessity to life and its pervasiveness water is a public good but concerns over its quality and how to monitor such a good have generated such symbols of the age as bottled water Canadians are some of the worlds most wasteful consumers of water subject to contamination In Canada water is seen as a public good but is under pressure everywhereSupply is one facet of the water problem safety is another Case Study No 1 Walpole Island and the St Clair River Between Lake Huron and Lake Erie and between the Canadian and American Borders flows the St Clair River At the mouth of the river sits Walpole Island The special relationship of Walpole Island to the water is constantly threatened by the concentration of chemical industries upriver at Port Huron and Sarnia Certain actions have revolved around the growing revitalization of native cultures and the assertion of their strong connection to the lands and waters around Walpole The trigger was a toxic spill of over 10000 liters of toxic chemicals in St Clair River in 1985 Action from the government required a pipeline to bring water from Lake Huron bypassing St Clair River in 1985 Walpole Island refused because they did not want to be cut off from its indigenous water supply A press released that followed the rejection read The protection o
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