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Environmental Studies
ENVS 1000
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FACULTY OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIESYork UniversityBES ProgramCOURSE SYLLABUS ENVS 1000 60Perspectives in Environmental Studies Earth in our HandsFallWinter 200809Calendar Description The purpose of this course is to provide students with an initial overview of the concepts and methods that characterise Environmental Studies including frameworks for analysis and actionPrerequisite This course is open to students in the first year of study Unenrolled students seeking to join the class in higher years should seek permission from the instructorCourse Director Chris Cavanagh HNES 114 Course Consultation Hours 1030am1230pm Wednesdays other times by appointment Tel 416 7362100 x22105 Email storywebca A website will be available during the termTeaching AssistantsTania HernandezCervantes ecotaniaathotmaildotcomDavid Hoile dhoileatyorkudotcaVanessa Holm vmholmathotmaildotcomStephanie Kirkland sskirklandatgmaildotcomHannah Lewis lewishatyorkudotcaIan Malczewskiianma20atyorkudotcaTimothy Quick timquickatyorkudotcaHelena ShimelesshimelesatyorkudotcaHelen Thang hthangatyorkudotcaKasim Tirmizey kasimaliatyorkudotcaCarolyn Young carolyncayatgmaildotcomCourse consultation hourslocation TBACourse ManagementIn this course the Course Director and the Teaching Assistants form a Teaching Team The Teaching Assistants who are either MES or PhD Candidates in the Faculty of Environmental Studies will share with the Course Director responsibility for the overall shape and direction of course activitiesTime and LocationLectures Wednesdays 230430 Curtis Lecture Hall L 1Tutorials Wednesdays W and Thursdays R TUTR 01W1630HNE 102Hannah LewisTUTR 02W1630ACE 002Kasim TirmizeyTUTR 03W1630HNE 033Carolyn YoungTUTR 04W1630HNE 101Helena ShimelesTUTR 05R1230HNE B10Hannah LewisTUTR 06R1230HNE 001David HoileTUTR 07W1630HNE 035Vanessa HolmTUTR 08W1630HNE 036David HoileTUTR 09W1630HNE 103Timothy QuickTUTR 10R1230HNE 102Vanessa HolmTUTR 11R1230HNE 104Tania HernandezCervantesTUTR 12W1630HNE 104Ian MalczewskiTUTR 13R930HNE B11Stephanie KirklandTUTR 14R1030HNE B10Kasim TirmizeyTUTR 15R1030 HNE B11Carolyn YoungTUTR 16R930HNE 104Helen ThangTUTR 17R930VH 2000Helena ShimelesTUTR 18W1630VH 1020Stephanie KirklandTUTR 19W1630VH 3005Helen ThangTUTR 20R1230VC115Ian MalczewskiNote TAs have been directed not to accept students into a tutorial unless they have formally registered in that section In exceptional circumstances the Course Director will consider recommending to the Undergraduate Program Director that a student be permitted to change tutorial group enrolment a written request detailing the reasons why a change is being requested and the choice of alternative tutorials must be submitted to the Course Director prior to the first tutorial session Purpose and Objectives of the CourseThis course is designed to provide students with a perspective or framework of understanding for environmental studies at the broadest level The course introduces students to environmental issues using the urgent emerging prospect of the fate of the Earth in our hands as the organizing principle Lecture and tutorial topics will range over a number of environmental approaches drawing on a diversity of arts and sciences including environmental history environmental ethics ecology economics and planning emphasizing the fact that Environmental Studies is fundamentally an attempt to integrate the study of the natural world with the study of the human dimensions of that worldThe specific objectives of the course include1to provide a critical framework of understanding environmental studies2to provide an overview of the range of concerns included within environmental studies2
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