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Lecture 3

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Environmental Studies
ENVS 1200
Anders Sandberg

09/26/2013 ENVS 1200 Lecture 3 - Assignment 1 pushed back one week Stories: The story concept is very powerful, because it can strip the text of various complicated accounts/significance by being referred to as a story. Stories change over time, even over the same account. Stories can be dominate or can be marginalized due to active forces. Cronon: “we need to tell more stories about stories…” 1) Progressive narratives - 2) declinations narratives – the stories we tell each other about how and why today is an even bigger mess If everything is a story than where do we begin? Which are the most important, how do we decide? The notion of the moral complex. Three prone moral complex: Conservative stores…There are people who are skeptical of climate change and the impacts it will have o the world. And similarly there are ppl who might believe giving a voice to those concerned with the world would be stupid (leave that for the gov.) Reflexivity – (think doubt) Self-reflexivity: whenever you read or examine something you will also have a skeptical notion that there is something hidden (taken for granted). People like this practice something different, to be critical and reflective when you read, etc. and you ask if these components enter into an unbiased account. Reflexivity: requires an awareness of the researches contributions to the construction or meaning of the …? Requires us to engage with questions such as how has the research limited what can be found (what is hidden). How has the design of the study constructed what we can see. To what extent could changing this give rise to different stories? Helping us to think about the implications of such assumptions we have been told. “doubt grows with knowledge” Unknowing poverty – TED lecture by York pro
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