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Lecture 5

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York University
Environmental Studies
ENVS 1200
Anders Sandberg

10/10/2013 10:23:00 AM Lecture Five – Re-framing Environmentalism Last Week  International negotiations and agreements  Market mechanisms o Admissions trading and offsets (coping mechanism)  Technological fixes o Certainly not dealing with climate change problem  Appeal to local consumption o Unrealistic to tackle the problem from this viewpoint Very difficult to find solutions in a system that got us into the problem in the first place – emission trade YouTube video.  Framing problems as global is what coined the expression think globally act locally. Speaks to the 4 strategy above. “We need to act individually”  Another idea is that we attempt to preserve nature through enclosure.  William Cronon criticizes mainstream environmentalism for believing that environmentalism is out there – he say that is everywhere. Suggest we embrace nature everywhere.  From a one worldism where everyone is the same into a one worldism that respects difference. o A geography of environmental inequalities by communities that are suffering injustices…inspires a reconstructed sense of place…  Arose from the spaceship Earth pictures of the 50s-60s o We need to respect the fact that some are mor responsible and some are less responsible (this asks for different solutions)
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