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Lecture 11

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Environmental Studies
ENVS 1200
Anders Sandberg

11/21/2013 11:21:00 AM ENVS 1200 – What about our own stories  Beyond the frame  Constructing a World Order  Constructing Canada  Negotiating Canada  Conclusion Fundamentalist piece: Fundamentalism can prevent us from thinking progressively. Constructing the nation: We can think of nationalism as being socially constructed – we can become stuck in thinking like ‘the nation.’ th  It is a constructed thing that came about in the 16 century (when European monarchs set about creating it).  What emerges in this time is national armies, absolute monarchs used these for both expansion and population control (so they could be taxed)  National Bureaucracies also emerge at this time (record keeping/taxation)  Treaty of Westphalia (1637) establish the principle of national sovereignty (idea that a country can rule its self without foreign interferences)  Following this, we see the arrival of national states and world orders (expansionists).  Through this integration we see all kinds of exchanges that have important consequences for the future of many of these colonies. (Triangular trade/Columbian exchange).  Today we see massive percentages of ppl living in poverty around the world. Constructing a Settler Nation: Canada  We need t
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