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Lecture 8

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York University
Environmental Studies
ENVS 2100
Timothy Leduc

11/4/2013 9:29:00 AM Week 8: Contextualizing Technology  Aldo Leopold’s February almanac  Question about technology (Mohawk, Livingston)  Carrs (is Google making us stupid) J. Arnakak: saw silatuniq (wisdom) are humanities obligation to reflect, in a specific context. That we are climate change (metabolism of our own industrial society).  Context always influences the way we think Aldo Leopold – Oak Education in Ethics  Trying to get at the question of ‘when does technology become such a crutch to us that we become abstracted from that which is sustaining life?”  Spiritual dangers in not owing a farm – loss of connection between that which sustains us. We need to find spaces where we can slow down and reflect (in some pieces that deals with going out in nature). The interdisciplinary of a land ethic  Education/literacy in ecological knowledge  The key is to stop thinking about land-use as solely an economic use. Technological Imperative Dialectic  That technology
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