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Environmental Studies
ENVS 2200
Stefan Kipfer

MunibaAbdulAziz22Nov2013wk10Class Conflict and Spatial DifferentiationThe main argument of Parker and Shorts readings was about how the urban city landscape was surveyed destroyed and rebuilt and criticized to socially reform and acknowledge the poor developments to better the labour conditions Parkers reading talks about Engels who described the industrial revolution as driven by technology with dreadful living conditions poor housing and high death rates Parkers reading stated that the industrial workers became a source of social stability On the same theme Shorts reading talks about Mayhew who was a pioneer in publishing the history of the people living in these dreadful conditions Other social activists like Mearns and Sims compared the working class conditions to slave ships where in one instance there were seven people living in one underground kitchen and a little child lying dead in the same room Short 30 Another activist Riis published the infancy rates and mortality rates used to show poor hygiene and overcrowding of working class labor and their unpleasant lives Booth contributed by surveying the socioeconomic information streetbystreet and then used a color coded map to illustrate that 35 of London lived on or below the bread lineBoth readings also talked exclusively about Jane Addams the daughter of a wealthy millowner who founded the HullHouse settlement in 1889 This settlement was used by oxford studen
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