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Environmental Studies
ENVS 2400
Harris Ali

Improving ConsumptionCommodification of food nature sports and music as the author says Where this seasons lifestyles are on sale prepackages and shrink wrappedGreen Marketing began in earnest during the 1970s and through various modes of regulation Manufacturers developed new and innovative ways to accomplish manufacturing processes while focussing their best business practices on minimising their own contribution to environmental degradation At the same time however there were others that simply rebranded relabelled and exported the same product but in different packaging with labels that did two things for the manufacturer1It allowed manufacturers the opportunity to promote the notion that ecofriendly qualities are measurable and objective22 Green Products have neutral or even beneficial impact on the greater environment The Author points out immediately that these two notions are falsities to their core based on empirical scientific data that isolated products and compared their labelling to what chemicals are truly in the product The author says a staggering 98 of the products sampled contained labeling information that was misleading or even outright deceitfulTerms such as sustainable green organic fair trade or local are adjectives that describe the manufacturers ambition to endear themselves to consumers by throwing around words that are vague yet easy to associate with ecofriendly practices The end game is that the manufacturers products are purchased without any association for feelings of guilt
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