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Environmental Studies
ENVS 3740
Andrew Bieler

LECTURE 8 – MARCH 4, 2014 Urban wildlife (livestock and wildlife in cities)  What kinds of values inform our values in regards to animals?  What are some common names in which we name animals in the west? Naming animals  For natives, description of animal life is tied to riddles (ex. Flies up, ringing a bell; is a mosquito)  Our relation to animals are pertly sturctured thru language  Three ways to regard the animal: o To anthropomorphize o To objectify, classify them o Regard animal as alive ...... Defining urban wildlife  In ecosystem sciences, it usually exclude livestock and pets  Is non domestic vertebrates and invertibrates Urban wildlife: roots of the field  Deeply shaped by Game Management  Today is more informed by conservation studies and ecosystem sciences  ...  ... Urbanization  There are two lens of looking at wildlife  Transpecies urban theory: o Existing urban theory is anthropocentric o Transpecies urban theory want to extend agency to non human animals o Transpecies is rooted in assumption that we must start by leveling human and non human actors (a symmetry of human and non human actors) o We can understand patterns of urbanization thru study o
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