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Lecture 7

ENVS 2200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Pembina Institute

Environmental Studies
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ENVS 2200
Roger Keil

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Paragraph on the LRT expansion plan
Toronto is currently viewing plans to develop the LRT, which stands for “Light Rail
Transit”, which would run through particular regions on the outskirts of Toronto such as
North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke. The Pembina Institute Report claims that the
LRT is cheaper than current subway systems because instead of running underground,
they operate above ground, giving people in suburban regions an effective way of getting
around the GTA faster. The institute also claims that with the current LRT plan, 290,000
more Torontonians would be within 250 meters from accessing a light rail train, giving
them ample time to reach their destination, whereas the subway would only achieve this
for 61,000 people. (Pembina Institute, 2011) Along with the LRT plan, this method of
transit would satisfy several main regions in Ontario as opposed to the subway plan,
which would allow people from further areas to rely on vehicles. The LRT would
significantly reduce traffic, as they are looking to expand the LRT in the suburban regions
around the GTA.
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