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Lecture 9

EATS1010 - The Dynamic Earth and Space Geodesy Lecture 9

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York University
Earth, Space Science and Engineering
ESSE 1010
Gary Jarvis

Lecture 9 Shearing Plate Boundaries – Summary Geologic Features • Transform Faults – plates conserved • Shallow Earthquakes < 70km deep • No volcanism • Normal Heat Flow Hot spots – exception to the rule: not at plate boundaries Plate Tectonics –Summary • 12-15 rigid plates in relative motion • All geological activity occurs at plate boundaries • 3types of Plate boundaries: o Mid Ocean Ridges – Plates created o Subduction zones – Plates destroyed o Transform Faults – Plates conserved • Plate Tectonics works best at sea • Plate boundaries ill defined in continents Success of Plate Tectonics Provides a unifying frameworkwithin which to interpret many different geological and geophysical data 1. Global Distribution of Seismicity 2. Depths of Earthquakes 3. Global Distribution of Volvanism & Heat F
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