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Lab 5 EATS 3300 York University 2/13/2013 2 Table of Contents Introduction…Page 1 Fight Incidents…Page 2 Figure 1…Page 2 Figure 2…Page 3 Figure 3…Page 4 Skill Reference…Page 4 References…Page 4 3 Introduction This lab exercise focusses on spatial analysis of ArcGIS. There are three different parts related to school safety. The first part of this lab is analyzing fights among students that have occurred within the school building at lunch time over the past month. The second part of this lab is analyzing how close and where certain crimes are occurring around the school campus, such as indecent exposure and robbery. The third part of the lab is combining a map of students with census tracts and analyzing crime rate per area to determine which areas of the schools have the most crime. Fight Incidents By performing a query analysis, it has been determined that 17 fight incidents occurred. At lunch time, 9 fights occu
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