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Earth, Space Science and Engineering
ESSE 3600

GIS Lecture-Spatial Data Modelling GIS assistants coordinate data from raster into vector. With analysis, consider computational time and the coordinate conversion of data of one coordinate system to another. With raster data, we have a grid and every pixel needs to be transported. The grid is transported using a scale. Any point can be transferred to different coordinate systems. Pixel information must be inputted into another pixel. We are translating the pixels(sliding them). Analysis of data. Make sure that the pixel matrices match. Raster data is 1D analysis. If you have a grid, you want to transfer it to the other side. If the original volume is transferred and discretized, we are trying to remove transfer functions. Vector and raster have gotta be aligned with the same axis then transferred. Data policies vary over the world. Note: KMZ, KML. Google Maps flies to a specific location, which is the VECTOR model. defines all the data Please pay attention in class. Stop texting. The attributes and spatial features are defining. When we start to Google, what we can see from space is
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