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Lecture 6

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Earth, Space Science and Engineering
ESSE 3600

EATS 3300 Lecture 6 Practise Questions 1. Line simplification creates a simplified line using a subset of the original vertices, while still retaining characteristics of the original line. This process is important in spatial modeling because it helps to reduce storage space, faster rendering, faster V2R conversion, and faster vector processing. 2. Line simplification algorithms are used to perform line simplification, and they can be categorized by the extent of neighborliness used in the mathematical processing. The three types are local processing algorithms, pseudo-local processing algorithms, and global processing algorithms. 3. Three basic line simplification algorithms are perpendicular distance, angular algorithms, and Lang algorithms. In a perpendicular distance algorithm, this is local processing, and the distance from p1 to p2 is greather than the threshold distance(see slide 8). In this case, we keep p2. In a perpendicular algorithm, also local, if the distance to p3 is less than the threshold distance, we can reject p3. In an angular algorithm, the angle is greater than the threshold angle
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