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Lecture 10

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York University
Earth, Space Science and Engineering
ESSE 3600

Lecture 10 Practise Questions These questions are taken straight from the chapter textbook review. 34. Spatial databases provide structures for storage and analysis of spatial data, and are a type of database. A database is a collection of files, whereas a DBMS is a software package for storage, manipulation, and retrieval of data from a database. Spatial data is comprised of objects in multi- dimensional space, and storing spatial data in a standard database would require excessive amounts of space. Spatial database management is necessary for managing spatial databases. It cam work with an underlying DBMS, supports spatial data models, spatial operations, and spatial indexing and query optimization over large spatial datasets. Some examples are Oracle Spatial and ESRI. 35. Hierarchical databases, network databases, and relational databases are types of classical database structures, which are methods of organizing data and its relationships inside a database. The hierarchical database model was created by Rockwell & IBM in the 60s/early 70s, and it is a tree-like structure. A child belongs only to one parent, but a parent can have several children. 1:M parent child relationship. The tree has a root & levels, and a node is a record whereas a branch is a relationship. A network model was created in order to cope with a scenario with a complex set of relations. The basic structure of a set, an owner and a series of members. A member can belong to more than one owner, so M:N relations can be established. A relational model was designed to accommodate a growing demand for queries, and a growing demand for data and structural independence. Codd's model could not be implemented in 1970 due to a lack of computational power. The relational database describes relations
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