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ESSE 3600 Lecture Notes - Geocoding, Keele Street, Geographic Information System


Earth, Space Science and Engineering
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ESSE 3600

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Lab 2: Address Geocoding
By Paloma D’Silva
Dr. Sohn
EATS 3300

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In this lab, students were asked to geocode addresses that did not
have address information such as X and Y coordinates, and to convert the
address description into location data that does contain X and Y coordinates.
The address data provided was of fire stations in the GTA area, and this
information was given in an Excel file.
In order to geocode the addresses; the Geocoder 10.1 North America
Geocode Service was used. The output file is as follows:
Figure 1-Geocoded Addresses
After this, the geocoding toolbar was activated, and according to the
geocoding result, 19 addresses matched, and this was 100% of the
addresses listed. There were no unmatched addresses at all. Then, 4700
Keele Street was located on the map, using select elements.
Task 3
Task 2 was to find the fire station closest to York University, and for
Task 3, an image file with the selected attributes of fire stations 5 km away
from the university was created. An Excel file with the same attribute fields
as the fire station Excel file was created, and named York U. Then, York
University was geocoded on the map. The output is shown in Figure 2 below.
There are three fire stations within a 5km radius of York University. The
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