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FILM 1400
Tess Takahashi

Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory (1971)  Colour by technicolour  Intro: chocolate and nuts being poured over things – eventually shows the wonka bars  kids running out of school  man at the candy store sings the candy man song – he says willywonka was born to make candy  Charlie is a newspaper boy  A man comes out og  nowhere telling him no one goes in the factory and no one comes outl  4 grandparents in bed together  Willy wonkaa closed the factory because he thought slugworth would steal his recipes  First wonka ticket found in germany  The spoiled girl has tons of people opening thousands of wonka bars to find the golden ticket.  Man approaches all kids and whispers in their ear  His mom told him his life would change when he least expected it  He says he wants it more than all the other children  They live in a barn  3 tries until he wins  He buys it after the contest is over then opens it. Man in a different ountry was a fraud who made a tafke ticket to fool the world  Slugworth tells Charlie to get a hold of an everlasting gobstopper  Willy wonka limps and has a cane as he walks out of his factory  Does a roll near the end of the capet  He’s very polite to all of gthe kids  A lot of people sing, mother, grandfather, store keeper, wonka  Oompa loompa land  Orange faces with green hair, wonka told oppma loopmasto live with him awau from their home  Spoiled girl wants an opmpa loompa  Subtotles during the ompa loopa song  Takes them on a boat ride  Spoiled girls father is in the nut business (earlier he said that his workers have been shucking wonka bars instead of nuts  Agustus gets lodged in the pipe  Weird boat ride –creepy wityh flashy lights  Wonka speaks in different languages  Uses a whistle to call the oopma loompas  Licking wallpaper= licking the fruit tastes like fruit  Fizzy drink which lets people float  Can see strings holding them up – bubbles floating in the air are used to cover up the strings since they didn’t have many special effects  Gum with 3 courses – violet turns into a blueberry  Bureped to get down  Geese lay gp;den eggs  Eggdecator  Can tell the difference between a good egg compared to a bed egg  Spoiled girl wants a golden goose  I WANT IT NOWWWW  She steps on the eggdecator and it says she a bad egg  Words on screen appear  Covered in bubbles  Winkavision  Take a picture, it’s send overheads in a million pieces and is put in  Mike Teevee wants to be transported by television  Takes him to the taffy toom  There are slight differentce in body sizes of oompos loompas  Wonka told Charlie and hsi grandfather is isn’t going to get anything because they broke the rules and drank fizzy lifting drink  Charlie gies him the everkasting gobstopper back  He told him he won  So much time and so little to do – reverse (said that twice)  Winkavator – can go in all directions  Gives him the factory Charlie and the chocolate factory  Starts off with dark music and image of factorychocolate swirling  High tech machines distributing chocolate  Shows wohe sun  wonkas hand putting golden ticket onto bars  Narrator tells the story, not the characrts  His dad is in this film  Dad works in a toothpaste factory  Charlie built a factory of toothpaste caps  Grandfather used to work for him  Recap of past of wonkas factory when it was built – has a backstory  Some prine in indea asked him to make a palace out of chocolate – it melted in the sun  Closed the factoy forever  Grandparents talk more  Same factory thing, shelling wrappers until find wonka bars  Woman who found it wanted to keep it , tried to hide it  They give him the chocolate bar for his birthday – he shares it with his family. In the other version his family declines  Mike teevee hates chocolate in this one  His dad got fired and was replaced with a machine  Grandfather gives him money to buy a wonka bar instead of giving it to him  People offered him money for the ticket  Candy man was black  Dad reads it. Grandfather jumps out of the bed – shot switches to each of the children reading  Grandpa joe offers to go, Charlie doesn’t choose him, Charlie wants to seell the ticket to provide for his family – he’s unselfish  Othuer grandfather tells him something – its a once in a lifetime oppourtuinity  Slugworth didn’t show up at all in the film  His parents went to see him off  There are guards  Mother and daughter dress the same – violet has a mother go with her instead of a father  He speaks over a microphone and tells them to come into the factor and doesn’t meet them
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