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FILM 1401
John Mc Cullough

Film Notes Semester 2Meaning Culture and IdeologyIn general usage ideology is seen as a conscious set of ideas but as film studies use it this term implies a set or system of ideas that are so widely accepted that they are only rarely examined in a conscious way Ideology in other words can be seen as a cultures unconsciousHere a statement made by the critics JeanLuc Comolli and Jean Narhoni over forty years ago may still have considerable relevance they argued that the majority of films are the unconscious instruments of the ideology which produces themOf course all such films Potenikin included are Themselves culturally and historically determined texts that can through careful analysis reveal hidden or contradictory meanings and contexts beyond those that their filmmakers intendedText and ContextA number of theorists have argued that the entire realm of culture can be seen as a textor set of textsto be read and interpreted From this perspective a film or similar text may be seen as a particular instance within a much larger cultural and historical text which for simplicitys sake we can call contextContext may be taken to include anything that has an influence or bearing on a particular filmThings such as the filmmakers background political climate or reference to another filmAs crucial as an understanding of context is to analysis we can never assume that we understand that context fully No matter how well read a critic can be he is not all knowing of the conditions in which a film was madeUsing Film AnalysisIn much the same way that one can learn about filmmaking by studying films one can also learn about criticism by studying criticismFilm 1410 JANUARY 07Guess whos coming to Dinner 1960 vs RemakeThe older version is a quick engagement between a young white woman and a successful black doctorThe remake is an into to Birney Mac and ashen cuchcker who has just lost his job and is meeting his black inlawsWays of seeing Art movie Art has value bc it preserves the image of wealth and gives immortalityThe modern equivalent of showing wealth is through Facebook images Spring breakers likes to show off wealth but in reality truly wealthy people hide their wealthVoyeurism in film Women in old films are lit in High key lighting no shadows because women are meant to be seen whereas men are the darky lit viewers
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