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John Mc Cullough

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Film Semester 1 NotesFilm S01L02Omniscience knowing everythingUsually the viewer is omniscience but in the lunch date calculated elements are removed until the endExpectations are formed in viewers based on framing and editingFilm S01 L03OLIVIER OLIVIERBY Agnieszka HollandFull tv guidecomLife is never innocent as it seemsOlivier OLIVIERThe new boy was never OLIVIER or maybe he didnt want to admit he was molested The bones that were dug up prove that Oliver died as a boyThe replacement son probably stays to help the mother move on the mother may not have been told about the bones and everyone accepted the new boy as OLIVIERWhen the new boy was interrogated by the police he somehow knew the answers When asked about his brother he said he didnt have a brother but a sister The boy also knew the pee song from the beginning of the movieIt can be argued that the sacrifice made by the girl transferred the memories from Oliver to the new boyWhen a movie says that its based on real events then its like a telephone game where facts get mixed upWhen a movie says that its based on a true story its a little betterLaw and order says all the stories are fake but they do refer to a lot of real storiesScenes like the peeing or the creeping through the grass are replayed so that the audience will rememberHow is it possible that everyone in a room sees the same film but disagree with what they sawIs it the speed of scene transition Viewer perspective Contradictory evidenceInsecure answers the new boy had visual cues so that he seemed like a liar Even when he said that he was not the mothers son it was not believableNo explanation as to why the boy knew the answersRaging bull vs Lawrence of ArabiaDifferent camera methodsThere are many movies that use uncertain form to create discrepancies in the plotInformation is given to the audience by decision of the movie maker If the scenes are murky then the information is murkyOpening of saving private Ryan vs full metal jacketSPR opens with an old man entering a military cemetery and having a flashback to d day on JUNO beach
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