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FILM 1701
Michael Zryd

Week 7: Soviet Montage Cinema Soviet Cinema History 1902 - formation of Bolshevik (“activist”) party in split from Menshevik (“joiner”) party 1905 - demonstration vs Tsar at Odessa mowed down by soldiers (Battleship Potemkin) -failed rebellion given mythic status as precursor to successful 1917 Revolution -led to creation of “Soviet” (worker’s council) 1907 - first Russian film studios 1914-1917 Russia fights in WWI: disastrous campaign with high death toll and poverty at home 1917 - Russian Revolution in two stages i. Feb: Menshevik “Provisional Government” led by Kerensky; does not withdraw from WWI ii. Bolshevik Revolution led by Lenin April: Lenin arrives in Moscow June: disastrous offensive by army July: attempted right-wing coup vs Kerensky by Gen. Kornilov October: Bolshevik coup win support on campaign of “Peace, Land, and Bread”; immediate withdrawal from WWI 1917-1920: Civil War between Red and Whites (supported by UK, France, USA): 28 million dead -little film stock or equipment available 1919 - nationalization of cinema by Lenin’s decree -establishment of VGIK (All-Union State Institute of Cinematography) -Lev Kuleshov sets up workshop within VGIK: montage experiments on Griffith’s Intolerance 1921-1928: Lenin institutes NEP (New Economic Policy) to permit limited capitalism 1922 - Lenin declares “for all the arts for us the most important is cinema” -Vertov’s first ma
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